Welcomeestaurant in Raja Ampat is the center of our business, a spot where friends, dive buddies, and family gather to enjoy a delicious meal and share their stories. New friendships are made, laughter is shared, and the adventures of Raja Ampat are experienced together at our restaurant. 

The unique round shape of our restaurant allows you to fully appreciate the beauty of Raja Ampat while dining. Never miss a sunrise or sunset and enjoy the ocean and rainforest at the same time. 

Our restaurant is located right at our main jetty, so you will pass by it when you make your way to your villas from our main private deck. 

For your information, Yenatar Resort restaurant provides any request, such as a special dinner for our guests. We also recognize some of our guests have other special dietary requirements and feel free to let us know during the booking process.


We understand that delicious and healthy nutrition is essential. You can start your peaceful day with a tasty breakfast in our restaurant. We begin serving breakfast at 7 AM. However, on days with a transfer to Sorong, we will start breakfast earlier for our guests. So they have plenty of time to enjoy their meal before the day.

At the breakfast buffet, we have a variety of options for all tastes. Our chefs prepare homemade, savory, and sweet pastries and cakes every day. It can be enjoyed with cheese, sausage, and eggs in your favorite style. 

Plus, we have fresh tropical fruit and fruit salad. They go great with yogurt, oatmeal, granola, or cereal. You can enjoy tropical fruit juices and of course coffee and tea as well. For those who want to try Indonesian breakfast, we have also prepared Nasi Goreng or Mie Goreng.

When you go diving or snorkeling aboard one of our boats in the morning, you’ll also have the option of having a second breakfast during the floating time between dives or snorkeling. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy other homemade snacks and cakes from our chefs! 

Lunch and Afternoon Snack

After a bunch of activities and adventures in the morning, Yenatar Resort is waiting for you to taste our lunch in our restaurant. Our lunch buffet starts at 1 PM and is also very varied. Every day, you can enjoy different creations from our chefs. You will sample traditional Indonesian dishes as well as international dishes. All menus are freshly prepared by our kitchen team. 

Next is a snack in the afternoon. We serve coffee, tea, and homemade snacks, such as banana fritters special for you to enjoy with the view of Raja Ampat ocean. Usually, we bring them from our restaurant to the dive center so you can enjoy them right after diving in the afternoon. 


A great day of adventuring in Raja Ampat will surely make you hungry. There’s no worry because our dinner will be ready for you starting at 7 PM. Our restaurant is the perfect place to end the day in a pleasant atmosphere. Relax with your dive buddies and possibly new friends, share stories, and enjoy another delicious meal together. 

We prepare delicious appetizers such as homemade soups, sandwiches, and fresh salads. As a main course, you can enjoy fresh fish from local fishermen, not to mention chicken and beef dishes. We also provide a barbecue once a week for you. 

In addition, stale beer and soft drinks are available in our restaurant for an extra charge.

Other Things at Yenatar Resort Restaurant

More than just meals, our restaurant is a great place to be. The comfortable seating area invites you to a meeting place at any time of the day. Our coffee, tea and cookie boxes are available throughout the day. You can meet other guests, chat and maybe share photos of sea life from your last dive. 

The restaurant is also a good place to chat with our manager and seek assistance from resort staff as the main office is located right next to the restaurant. 

You can also enjoy our coffee bar and meet our friendly baristas. Our baristas will make all the delicious coffees you can dream of at any time of the day. 

You can ask for an espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, etc just friendly ask them. Our baristas will add a tiny creativity like floral or stingray decorations to your coffee. Yenatar Resort Coffee Bar uses excellent freshly brewed Indonesian coffee and espresso. 

So, are you excited enough to taste our tasty meals and beverages at Yenatar Resort restaurant?