We are the home for free divers. The fact that Raja Ampat holds the prestigious title of the most marine biodiverse place on earth makes it the best place to dive in. Experience diving at the most beautiful spots in Coral Triangle of the world.

At Yenatar Resort, we welcome all levels of diversity; from beginner to advanced. Located less than 30 minutes from most of our dive sites, Raja Ampat’s breathtaking underwater world is easily accessible by boat from Yenatar Resort. Diving rate and packages are available.

Manta Point: 20 min

Cape Kri: 15 min

Mioskon: 25 min

Odtima: 5 min

The Passage: 45 min

Mike’s Point: 10 min

Sardines Reef: 25 min

Blue Magic: 25 min

Chicken Reef: 25 min

Hidden Bay: 30 min


Witness the abundance of marine and coral reef life in the area by snorkeling. Yenatar Resort welcomes snorkelers and makes sure that they are as satisfied as our diver guests. You can enjoy snorkeling at our house reef any time.


During boat trips, many of the dive sites are also suitable for snorkeling, as they have colorful, shallow reefs with plenty of marine life to see. Our snorkelers will be accompanied by one of our experienced guides in the water. 


Surface currents are controllable and your guide will drop you off at just the right spot, so you don’t miss the underwater charm and float comfortably with the current. Our snorkel guides and boat crew will look out for you once you get tired otherwise you need to have another look at the reef.


The water sport in Yenatar Resort not only stops diving and snorkeling but we also offer you paddling. You can explore the area around our resort with one of our paddle boards. Sail into the unchartered waters, explore the new, ride and rule the waves. Go seas every moment in Yenatar Resort!

Extra Activities

Bird Watching

One of the famous birds that you will encounter at Yenatar Resort are parrots, and sometimes flocks of parrots fly around during the day. 


Local Community

Experience and learn about local culture and community by visiting the local villages here, the nearest village can be accessed around 20-mins by boat ride from Yenatar Resort. 


Island Cuisine 

Taste fresh caught seafood, cooked in the traditional way with charcoal BBQ. Have a sip of authentic Papuan coffee, water boiled with wooden fire.