Yenatar Resort, a Private Island Experience in Raja Ampat

Yenatar is a private resort located on the Island of Gam, right at the center of tourist activities of Raja Ampat; across Kri Island and Manswar Island. The island is surrounded by fun adventures to explore, including exotic bird life, lush jungle foliage, and spectacular fauna. It is the best offer destination for nature and underwater enthusiasts where you can easily access the breathtakingly beautiful and unforgettable marine life right in Yenatar resort. 

Sprawling over 2 hectares, Yenatar Resort has private access to a long white sand beach and the tropical forest right behind. Bounded by a formerly uninhabited marine reserve, with a world-class diving area of ​​turquoise lagoons and coral reefs, on the resort’s grassy east coast is a floating spot. Popular for dugongs to feed and play, as well as the seahorse’s habitat. 

Also located near Friwen’s Mangrove Forest, with an abundant supply of fresh water, making Yenatar the most complete place for an exclusive resort residence in Raja Ampat.

Greeted by views of the Dampier Strait and sunrise in Raja Ampat, Yenatar is a place where you can rest accompanied by the melodies of the waves and be awakened in the morning by various sounds of birds. 

The magnificent view of Yenatar resort also provides a place and venue for you to celebrate momentous events, such as gatherings, meetings, and weddings. Make your vacation in Raja Ampat worthy with Yenatar!